Zibetto is always looking for passionate people to join our family who care as much about coffee and global culture as we do.  If you think you would be a good fit we would love to hear from you!

Our ideal candidates have several years of barista experience with a level of expertise in handling espresso machines, the art of making a great espresso and all espresso drinks. They should also have understanding of beans, roasting and blending.  Proficiency in latte art is preferred but not required.

Conversational English is required but we always appreciate any employee that can speak several languages as we do have a heavy international clientele. Knowledge of the Italian language and culture is also highly desirable.  You must be eligible to work in the USA.

Apart from coffee we also serve wine, beer, panini and pastries so candidates must have, or be willing to obtain, a NYC Food Protection Certificate. Managerial experience in the food and beverage industry is always valued in the organization and compensated accordingly.

Along with making great coffee we strive to give top notch service to everyone that walks through our doors so a friendly personality is a must at Zibetto. It is important that every customer can sense the passion for the products we serve and the lifestyle we represent while in our establishments. Our customers come to Zibetto to enjoy a certain level of service, whether alone or meeting with friends and colleagues.

Zibetto is more than just coffee, it is a way of life!  We work hard everyday to spread our message to the public and would love to have your help as we do so along the way. 

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